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Digital Acceleration Room Case: National Retail Federation

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Our Digital Transformation were the perfect solution to help Susan Newman’s team at the National Retail Federation (NRF) to find the right, best-fit digital platform to meet their meeting objectives. After having experiences with several digital platforms that didn’t quite live up to their expectations, NRF decided to go back to the market. They quickly discovered that the market had exploded with hundreds of providers. With multiple internal stakeholders, each with their own perspective on critical platform capabilities, and with such an expanded marketplace, NRF realized that doing a comprehensive selection process was an extremely time-consuming effort for their already over-burdened staff.

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After undergoing the digital transformation process, the NRF team was able to coordinate their internal groups, create a short list of “absolutely critical” functional requirements, quickly engage a large swatch of digital platforms, and presented a short list of potential solutions. It also scripted the demos from the providers to be a best fit with NRF’s stakeholder interests. The result was NRF was able to find an excellent fit with a new provider and proceeded to contracting for their upcoming summer event. The engagement was a win for the NRF team as well as the digital providers as it minimized wasted time and focused everyone on the key value points. What did the customer say?

"The work you took off of our plate and the knowledge you brought to the table enabling us to find the perfect partner was invaluable. This allowed our team to stay focused on our core competencies while allowing you to focus on yours."

— Susan Newman, SVP Conferences, NRF Susan Newman Headshot

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