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Digital transformation is a complex and necessary journey. And while it is not a race, lack of speed can destroy even the best and most well-thought-out strategies. Forward-thinking companies are embracing and accelerating digital transformation to upend existing markets and incumbents and gain first-mover advantage. And, there are no industries more prime for digital disruption than B2B events, associations and media. It’s happening today.


Digital Acceleration Solutions

Gap Analysis & Business Strategy

Gap Analysis & Business Strategy

A deep-dive analysis of your business, identification of gaps across people, processes, platforms and products, and the development of a business strategy to address.

Technology & Data

Technology & Data

Technology and data audit to evaluate current systems, identify gaps, replacement needs, and risks and opportunities.

Skills, Talent, & Culture

Skills, Talent, Culture

Assessment of skills, talent and culture and ability to meet the requirements of digital transformation.



Evaluation and selection of systems and platforms and project management and oversight of integration.

Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Development of customer journey maps across various customer segments and paths.



Development of products, pricing, and go-to-market strategies to turn digital transformation into revenue and growth.



Transform Continuously


More likely to enjoy an annual gross profit increase by more than 10%


More likely to unlock annual revenue growth of more than 10%


More likely to annually see EBITDA increase by more than 15%

Digital Leaders Win Time and Time Again

We believe that transformation is already happening and that the biggest challenge that our clients face is managing the day-to-day business while undergoing massive organizational and business model change. Enter H2K’s Digital Acceleration Room.

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Digital Acceleration Statistics

Digital Acceleration Presentation

  • Define what digital acceleration is and what’s driving it in all industries
  • Learn how digital acceleration is affecting change within associations and for event organizers
  • Understand how data is driving change
  • Gain an understanding of the organizational traits that are required to be successful

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Digital Acceleration Presentation

"Digital transformation is both a challenge and opportunity for our clients. Even though they know they must embark on this journey, a majority of the time their in-house teams may not have the experience or time to achieve these objectives."

 Heather Holst-Knudsen
CEO & Managing Partner




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