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The Secret to The Sale: Discovery Part 2

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Discovery during the sale is a process that has a flow. The flow takes place as part of the overall sales call outline. Below is a sales call flow that includes discovery that was shared with me by my sales call enablement partner, Costello.

It's a good starting point as you build out your sales call discovery process.

Sample Discovery Call Flow

Step 1: Goals for the Call (what do reps NEED to learn from customers?)
  • The prospect's business goals
  • Problems they have that we’re solving
  • Why now?
Step 2: Call Flow Outline (WHAT you want reps to cover on the call)
  • Opening: Align expectations and frame the conversation
    • Upfront Agenda Setting (agree on the topics and the approximate time you will spend on each, note any hard stops)
    • Prospect Expectations (what you and the prospect hope to accomplish)
  • Context: Gather data that informs the sales (no fluff) - can occur AFTER Discovery
    • Role
    • Team Structure
    • Tools Currently Used
  • Discovery: Identify business goals, uncover pain, create need and urgency
    • Business Goals + Supporting Initiatives
    • Success Metrics
    • Pain Points / Challenges achieving these goals
    • Business & Personal Impact of Challenges
    • What it’s worth to business if problem could be solved
    • Relevant Customer Stories
  • Deal Mechanics: Identify stakeholders and steps to get a deal done  
    • Key stakeholders in the process
    • Budget status
    • Timeline / Go Live Date
    • Compelling Event (if exists)
  • Next steps
    • Schedule next meeting
    • Agree on customer and salesperson action items
  • Debrief:
    • Call Outcome - Next Meeting Set, Disqualified, Etc.
    • Other key information you want captured

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